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Earliest Childhood Memory

I'm following a 31-day blog challenge, although I've altered it and am doing one every Friday.

Today's challenge is to blog about your earliest childhood memory.  I'm having a hard time remembering, haha!  My grandmother and I were just talking about this recently!  Do some of our memories exist because we remember them?  Or do we remember some of them because people have explained them to us and they've made their way into our memory?

For example, David remembers vividly the day his mom's arm got severely burned.  He can tell you the story, the cartoon that was on, what happened, etc.  But all of the adults who were there that day swear he wasn't there, that he was with someone else (his mom was 2 weeks postpartum having his sister.).  So...was he there?  Or is he remembering years of others talking about the situation that have now become embedded in his mind?

I have a great habit of getting side-tracked, don't I? :)

I don't remember my earliest childhood memory, so I'll just write about one of my favorite, okay?  Okay.

Growing up, I so wanted a pet.  I really, really wanted a dog.  We didn't have one and no amount of begging worked (at first!).  My mom finally relented and said if I wanted a dog, I had to save up my money to pay for one.

So I did.  I saved and saved my allowance.  I can't quite remember how much I saved, but it was around $350.  And I have a sinking suspicion that my mom probably paid whatever the remainder was.  Either that, or dogs are severely over-priced these days, haha!  (And she did pay for all the food, vet bills, etc.  Looking back, I had no idea what it "cost" to have a pet, haha!  Thanks, Mom!)

When I finally saved "enough", we started looking in the newspaper ads.  (Remember that?  Newspapers? Hahaha.)

*Seriously, bless my heart.  I sure am glad I grew into my teeth, haha!*

We found a family in our area who bred golden retrievers.  We went, picked out our baby, and visited a couple times before our girl was ready to come home.  I named her-- get ready for this-- Goldilocks.  Yep, I named my golden retriever Goldie.  More specifically, her name was Goldilocks Noel, because her birthday was Christmas Eve.

She was the best dog ever.  She was so sweet and kind.  Typical of a lot of goldens, she loved to "retrieve" but not bring back.  So me and my cousins would chase her around the backyard for hours. My cousin Amy, only three years old at the time, was the only one who could ever "catch" Goldie, and it's because Goldie would run slow enough that Amy could get her.

*Goldie hated being dressed up.  She never would smile....ever, if we dressed her up.*

Many mornings before school, she would hop up on my bed and crawl up to my face and lick or nudge me awake.

If she needed attention, she would go into the dirty laundry and pull out underwear and walk slow circles around the living room circle.  That was always fun when we had guests over! ;)

And she loved to have her paws scratched.  She would sit at your feet and put one paw on your leg for you to scratch.  When you were done, she would switch and put her other paw up there.  Crazy girl!

She passed away my first semester of college.  My mom got another golden and her middle name is Noel, in honor of her big sister.  Goldie is definitely one of my favorite memories from my childhood!

 *Goldie and her BFF, Cara (my cousin's dog)

Alright, leave me a comment.  What's your favorite childhood memory?

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