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What's In a Name?

Heading back to my 31 day blog challenge, that is going to take the rest of my life to complete! ;)  Today's question was, "what's the meaning behind the name of your business?"

Well...I don't have a business.  Momma ain't got time for all that.

So, I thought I'd tell you the meaning behind my blog name instead.  It's really not much of a story, but let me tell you, I agonized over the name of this silly blog for far too long, haha! I felt like it had to be absolutely perfect.  It needed to be catchy so people would want to read it!  It needed to be some cute play on words!  It needed to reflect how in-depth my thoughts would be!

I'm serious, friends.  I have no idea what my problem was.  (I so wish there was a laughing crying emoji for blogger.)

In the end, I settled on a short and sweet description of our days.  Right now, in this time of my life, I survive on coffee and with two toddlers- we are constantly wiping off, walking on, and sleeping with (ha!) cookie crumbs everywhere.

*Exhibit A: Crumbs.  Poor second child had to get his own snack.  At least it was healthy? Haha :)

This blog is really just a journal for me and my family, if they choose to read it.  Every once in a while I do some fun posts about my thoughts on certain subjects or what toys my kids have loved at what ages because those kind of posts have been so helpful for me along my motherhood journey, but mostly I post about my kids.  And our life- our fun times and our struggles, our dreams and our realities.

*Girlfriend found the lipstick!  Doesn't she look beautiful?

So, my blog name, "Coffee and Cookie Crumbs" is just an accurate depiction of any random day at my house in this time of sleepless motherhood and messy toddlerhood.  Maybe one day, if I get some fancy blog design, I'll add a tagline like: "Finding joy in the messy moments of life" or "Our quiver full of messy blessings" (based off Psalm 127:3-5...you know it--children are a heritage from the Lord...blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.")

*My quiver.*

Anyway, I added a whole lot to this blog just to tell you the meaning behind the name, haha!  I hope you all have a great weekend!  I know I will...I turned in my last assignment of the semester this morning!  Now I have two glorious weeks of nothing before summer sessions start up.

*Doing the happy dance at 5:30 this morning after finalizing my policy brief and turning that bad boy in!

And please--I'd love to know the meaning behind your blog names!  Tell me I'm not the only one who  had such a hard time coming up with the "perfect" name, haha!

Spring Break 2017: Days 5-7

The rest of spring break, we spent around town.  We did at least one "fun" thing a day and just explored our little city.

  • Ate doughnuts for breakfast one morning

  • Went downtown and discovered all the "Mice on Main" with Aunt Jess

  • Grammy came to visit!

  • Visited our small zoo

  • Dyed Easter Eggs

  • Mommy and Daddy went on a date night! (Woo hoo!)

  • Went to an Easter Egg hunt (and had our own!)

*Don't judge the pumpkin.  #secondchildprobs
  • Got ice cream at the town square ice cream station
    *The dog in the background kills me. Just waiting on his opportunity to get G's cone!

  • Watched a baby giraffe get born
*Yes, Hadley watched. She said, "well I bet that's smelly." Hahaha :)

  • Went strawberry picking!

All in all, it was a great spring break week.  I love taking the time to explore and do things with my kids.  They are just so fun to be around.  These days...are about as sweet as those strawberries. ;)  (And that's pretty dang sweet!)

Spring Break 2017: Day 4

We really wore the kids out on Sunday, so they slept until about 8 am Monday morning.  (This is unheard of if you know us at all, haha!) Hotel breakfast ends at 9 on weekdays, so we booked it to breakfast pretty quickly.  This particular morning was much busier, probably because we weren't up at the crack of dawn and people had to get to work!  We ate, packed up our room, checked out, and headed to our last attraction.  (Hadley was so sad to leave the hotel...she wanted to know if next time we could stay "FOREVAAA")

Our last day in Atlanta saw us visiting Fernbank Museum.  I'll be honest, I was enamored with the area where Fernbank is located as much as I was in the museum itself!  You have drive on Ponce de Leon Avenue (adoringly referred to as "Ponce" to native Atlantans) which in and of itself is a looonnnng road, basically connecting all of Atlanta, haha.  We were in the Druid Hills district and y'all.  GORGEOUS.  Of course the roads were lined with million dollar homes, but they were older, classic, full of character.  I mean....this is the elementary school:

*For the safety of the kids and since this is a public blog, I'm not going to share the name of the school.  But I got this picture from this website.*

Can you even imagine going to elementary school here?  It looks like it's right out of a movie.  There was so much greenery, pretty parks, sidewalks that wound throughout, it was just a really beautiful area.

Fernbank is a National History Museum and when you pull up, there are dinosaur statues outside.  My kids were already excited when they saw those!  For the second time on our spring break trip, we opted to leave the stroller in the car, and I'm so glad we did.  Fernbank is 3 stories and while they have elevators, we chose to walk on the beautiful spiraling staircases to each different level.  The kid play area is on the 3rd floor, so that's where we headed first.  The kids seriously played in there for about an hour.  There are all kinds of activities built into a tree-house that let their imaginations just go wild.

*Daddy teaching Hadley about the rings on a tree.*

*Standing in the misting cave.*

*Building a wall.*

We literally had to drag them out to make sure we could see everything else the museum had to offer! The second floor was a lot more of the "museum-y" stuff, where we walked through the different "eras" --based in Georgia, mostly.  They had a lot of taxidermy animals in their wildlife habitat and Hadley pretty much skimmed over most of this.  David and I thought there was some pretty cool stuff in there (like a tree trunk made out of stone...what?!), but Hadley wasn't having it.  We finally got to the dinosaurs and she loved that part!

*Learning about the dinosaurs!*

David and I hadn't really been paying attention to the time and we realized it was about 11:45 so her meltdown was more than likely due to hunger, so we quickly headed to the cafeteria area.  We grabbed some food and the kids were a lot happier after getting some food fuel!  #badparentmoments


Once everyone was full and happy, we headed to the bottom floor of the museum, which was all about weather patterns.  Hadley and Griffin got to make their own tornados, Hadley played a fun game where she was a part of a tornado, and then she did a quiz on hurricane trivia.  It was all very interactive and they had activities that, even though she's young and doesn't quite understand the concepts, she still enjoyed and we got to introduce her to some science.

*Hadley making her tornado!*

*Griffin working on his tornado.*

One of the coolest parts, in my opinion, of Fernbank, is the nature walk.  They have miles of wooden walkways over their natural land habitats, full of climbing ropes, and platforms for the kids to play on.  There are a couple different viewing areas, and even a playground for the kids.  Both Hadley and Griffin had a great time running up and down the boardwalks.

*Walking on the rope bridge.*

We knew it was time to go when our generally sweet-hearted girl had a fit about sharing one of the two xylophone hammers.  So we made a family trip to the bathroom, walked through the gift shop, and got in the car to head home from our first family trip.  By the way, Hadley and Griffin both picked out wallets as their present to commemorate our trip and David and I picked out a christmas tree ornament to add to our travel ornament collection (started on our honeymoon).

*Some of the natural habitat at the museum.*

We did make a pit-stop at the Mayfield Dairy factory for a dip of ice cream on our way home.  We thought about going on the tour to see how ice cream is made, but ultimately decided to just eat the ice cream this time around.  In hindsight, I'm glad we stopped because we got caught in traffic halfway home. (Something about a tanker truck spilling flammable liquid all over 85 and totally shutting down all 4 lanes of traffic for like 12 hours....)  We ended up driving back roads the majority of the way home, so our typical 2 hour drive ended up taking 4 hours.  Needless to say, we were all ready to get out of the car when we got home! :)

It was such a great trip.  Some of my fondest memories growing up are the trips my family took and now I love to travel and explore new places.  I hope my kids learn to love traveling and family trips just as much!

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Spring Break 2017: Day 3

Because we went to bed so early on Saturday, the kids were up by 7 am on Sunday.  We headed downstairs to the complimentary breakfast and Hadley and Griffin thought they were something special.  (I mean, they are for sure.)  They got to pick whatever they wanted for breakfast and we sat down at a special table in the hotel lobby to eat.

Once we were finished, we headed back to the room to get ready for the day.  Everyone was excited because day 3 of spring break we were visiting the Atlanta Zoo!  The Atlanta Zoo is probably my all time favorite zoo.  I've been quite a few times in my life and it never disappoints.  They open at 9:30 on Sundays and we arrived at 9:20.  We had our pick of parking, so we parked under the trees (hello, shade!) and made our way through the express line with our previously purchased tickets.

*A note about our tickets: we purchased a Citipass- a booklet of discounted tickets for visiting the main attractions of Atlanta.  We didn't go to all of the attractions, as our kids were too young for some of them.  (The World of Coke is so awesome and one of my favorites, but listening to a guide talk and just walking around looking at coke products isn't something my 3 1/2 year old would appreciate!)  So, if you are thinking about visiting Atlanta, definitely look into the Citipass!

Y'all, getting to the zoo when they open is the way to do it.  It was still cool, the animals were awake, and even though there were still quite a few people...it wasn't super congested.  The kids had had enough sleep so they were in great spirits, and the only meltdown we had was from Hadley around lunch time because she wanted to play instead of eat, haha!

Hadley really wanted to see the lions and tigers, I really wanted to see the panda bears, and Griffin really wanted to see the giraffes!  And we happened upon the giraffes around feeding time, so we paid $3 for Hadley to feed a giraffe--except as we got up there and paid, she chickened out, so Mommy fed the giraffe instead.  Which was okay, because that was such a cool experience!

They have a great spot in the middle of the zoo for lunch, so we just bought our food there, but you can also bring in sandwiches and stuff yourself.  Right across from the food area is a petting zoo, a train ride, rock climbing wall, gated play area for the kids, and a merry-go-round.  The kids did the petting zoo for a bit, played on the playground for a bit, and then we hit the train- which is always a favorite for my kids.

I just can't say enough good things about the Atlanta Zoo.  The staff is friendly and welcoming- always available to answer questions, the set up is great for little kids who want to stop and play, and they have so many great animals- it's just a great thing to do in Atlanta!

We left the zoo about 1:30p and were meeting David's friend for dinner about 45 minutes away in Sandy Springs.  Over in that direction is the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area (Have you ever heard Alan Jackson's song "Chattahoochee"??  It's about the Chattahoochee River!)  We used to go there when my grandparents lived in Atlanta and I was a little girl, so it was only right to take my kids!

One of my favorite gifts given to my kids were these National Park Passports.  Whenever you visit a National Park, the kids can get their passports cancelled just like you would if you were visiting another country.  It's a great way to plan your vacations and see some of the nation's most prized National Parks.  I knew ahead of time that we would probably stop by here, so I brought the kids passports just in case.  Hadley thought this was the COOLEST thing!

We walked the trails a little bit- which we learned were trails worn over hundreds of years by people moving and settling throughout Georgia- and let Hadley put her feet in the water like Mommy used to do.

We met David's friend at Perimeter Mall for some Cowfish (seriously so good) and they had a great place outside the restaurant for the kids to play.  We rounded out the day with some great fellowship, dirty and tired kids, and showers/straight to bed when we got back to the hotel.

I'm so proud of these kids, they were such troopers.  Day 3 did not disappoint!

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