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Life Lately

If you follow me on instagram, chances are you have probably already seen most of these pictures.  But it's been quite a while since my last "Life Lately" post, so I'm well overdue for one!

I can't believe April is almost over.  It's gonna be May (yeah, yeah, I see you N'Sync fans!) which is month 5 of the year, which is practically half the year!

Anyway, here's a little of our life lately:

 We flipped Hadley's car seat around.  We made it to almost 3 1/2 years before she turned.  And she will still say she missed having it the other way (because now she can't see the iPad!)

 I didn't move fast enough for this kid.  He wanted a snack so he got his hummus out of the fridge and his veggie sticks out of the pantry--and dumped them all over the floor.  Easier to dip that way, I guess!

 Like usual, we were rushing Easter morning to get everyone ready and out the door, so we snapped a quick cell-phone pick with my little loves.  

 Hadley has discovered make-up and got into my lipstick the other day.  She said, "I'm beautiful, am I!" 

 We went strawberry pickin' and ate our weight in strawberries!  So yummy.

 We've had many sleepovers in Mommy and Daddy's bed.  (Hadley swears she'll sleep in her bed "when I'm five."

 Our "play-date pet" Ted Turner has come by for some treats.

 Griffin has decided he prefers to eat his dinner on the floor.  #whateverworks

 They have actually started playing quietly together.  Also, I said, "clean up your mess!" and their mess is all shoved under that train table. Hahaha :) Jokes on you, Mom.

 We discovered with all of this rain that I am essentially "blonde Monica"!  

 We've gotten to play with our besties quite a few times!  Summer is going to be so fun.

 Re-take of our Easter outfits!  Since I shamelessly forgot to take a "sibling picture" on the actual Sunday of Easter.

 Hadley has the best great-grandparents.  She mentioned wanting to ride in the horse drawn carriage downtown.  They set it all up for her.  She dressed in her princess dress, princess shoes, and waved at all of her loyal subjects.

 Prince Charming got in on the waving action as well.

The coachman, Mr. Michael, played every bit his part and made her feel so special.  People on the street would wave at her and say, "You look beautiful, princess!" which was icing on the cake.  

There you have it!  A little bit of our life lately.  It always seems to be full, but I wouldn't trade a minute of it!

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  1. Those pictures in the carriage! What a sweet moment!